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Macquarie Skin & Day Spa's laundry bill was going through the roof! I found Big Towel Company and have been purchasing their towels for over a year now - our laundry bill has more than halved! It is more hygienic for customers and a better choice for the environment! I buy in bulk and store our towels so we save even more money. We buy their large disposable spa towels and when staff are quiet they cut them down to size for our pedicures, sp services, waxing and facial treatments etc. Such a great company! We always have fast delivery and a great quality product! I highly recommend their services to every beauty / spa / hair business!

Karla McDiarmid
Macquarie Skin & Day Spa
Bathurst NSW

We’ve been using The Big Towel Company Towels now for 9 months and would recommend the product to absolutely anyone! I know it sounds so cliché – but this would hands down be the product of the year! We are saving up to $400 a month; literally using half the towels we use to! ; Our chests are all puffed up in pride - we are now working toward being environmentally more aware of our actions. We are using a product that feels softer for the client along with wining brownie points just for making the choice!

The Big Towel Company’s product has brought new life to our treatment menu and a fresh image to the way we welcome our clients to the salon. For example; in the summer ½ a towel chilled on arrival seems the perfect start to a stolen moment – the beginning to our client’s experience. In the winter, a damp towel in the microwave for 30sec’s over a prescriptive treatment…………..well, all we’ll need to offer next is the doona!

All that’s left to say is Thank you! Thanks for easy ordering, for giving me an environmental conscience, for a product I haven’t wasted my time money or effort on!

Kathleen Lindsay
Plush Hairdressing
Wagga Wagga NSW

On behave of the staff and myself at Petersham TAFE Hair & Beauty section; I would like to thank you for introducing the disposable towels to our section, At TAFE we are committed to working towards sustainability.

By incorporating the disposable towel we have been able to:

> Save in water consumption.

> Electricity consumption.

> We have reduced our laundering cost by 50%.

> Our main aim is to educate our students and make them aware of sustainability and environmental issues.

> would like to congratulate you on this great product.

Barbara Fallone
Head Teacher, Petersham TAFE NSW
Hair and Beauty Section

After being a sceptic, our salon is converted. For two simple reasons… and not because of the eco friendly nature, which is a bonus… but because despite the rising cost of electricity my total costs for towels plus electricity are the same pre price rise and secondly my staff are not wasting time washing, drying and folding. The newly folded towels are even better. We use them for our hair clients, our manis and pedis and they just make sense.

Sandra Thoma
Director, YM
Hair and beauty well being centre, cosmetic clinic creche

I have been using disposable towels from the Big Towel Company for some time now and we are very happy with them. As we are an “Aveda Concept” salon this fits in to our philosophy extremely well as caring for the environment and saving water is one of our high priorities. Our guests have been very impressed with them and comment on the hygiene of personal towels. As our material towels run out we are replacing them with big Towel Company Towels in all our salons.

Julie Jeffery
Pierrots Hair Studio’s
Western Australia

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